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18 Amazing Disney Facts That May Give You a Shock



disney facts

You must have heard of Disney’s name, he is the creator of Mickey Mouse and the world’s largest entrainment company and you must have seen his movies too! You will be very big fans of Disney characters but do you know everything about Disney? In this article today, I will tell some Disney facts that will definitely surprise you!

List of Amazing Disney Facts

1. You must have known that the creator of the Disney company was Walt Disney, but do you know that when he created the Mickey Mouse he was named Mortimer Mouse earlier but his wife did not like the name and he changed the Mortimer Mouse and Renamed it Mickey Mouse!

2. You must have heard the name of Disneyland, which is an Amusement Park, but did you know that it was started in 1955 and its first ticket cost $ 1!

3. You must have heard the name of the ESPN channel but you know that Disney has an 80% stake in ESPN!

Disney Facts ESPN

4. Do you know about the deal between Fox and Disney, which just happened recently and the deal is worth $71.3 Billion (USD)! After this deal, Disney has become the world’s largest movie studio.


5. If you also like watching movies, then you will like this fact because it is only about movies, do you know that Disney has produced 3 of the 5 highest-grossing movies in the world and The remaining 2 movies have been produced by 21st Movies and after the deals of Fox and Disney, all these movies have become Disney’s name!

6. The top 5 movies are Avatar, Avengers End Game, Titanic, Star Wars The Force Awakens and Avengers Infinity War!

7. You must have heard about Disney Tangled Movie but do you know that it is the most expensive Animated Movie in the world and the budget of this movie is more than the budget of Avatar Movie!

8. If we also talk about the top 5 movies in the world with the highest budget, then Disney’s name pop up again, these movies named Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger tides, Avengers Age of Ultron, Avengers the end game, Avengers Infinity War and Pirates of the Carribean At World’s End!

9. Do you know that Disney earns more from Disney Land and its Amusement Parks than from his movies!

Disney land earning disney facts

10. Walt Disney’s first film was Alice’s Wonderland.

Amazing Disney Facts

11. In 1923, Walt and Roy Disney formed the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. In 1926 it was renamed Walt Disney Studios.

12. Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park outside the USA. It was opened in April 1983.

13. Walt Disney borrowed a maximum of US $ 1.5 million to create Snow White and Seven Dwarf. It took 3 years to complete and became the highest-grossing sound film of its time.

14. Disney was sued for portraying Hyena as the villain in The Lion King.

15. 3.4 million copies of the animated Disney film, The Rescuers, were recalled in 1999 because it had two frames where there was a naked woman in the background.

16. Selfie sticks are banned from all Disney theme parks.

17. You cannot buy gum anywhere at Disney World.

18. Disney World Resort consumes more than 75 million Coca-Cola every year.

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