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[TOP] 20 Interesting Car Facts



car facts

There are so many strange things around the world that we all are unaware of. Interesting facts are related to every matter, but today we will introduce you to some interesting car facts, which you will never think about.

You will definitely be surprised to know these 20 interesting car facts. For example, when was the world’s first road accident? When was radio first used in a car? Many such excellent questions will shock you. So let us know these interesting things.

List of 20 Interesting Car Facts

1. 1 Billion Cars

At present, 1 billion cars are being used on earth.

2. America

In the US, per person spends approximately 38 hours per year in traffic.

3. Car Fule in Brazil

About 92% of the cars in Brazil use ethanol oil produced from sugarcane.

4. 30 Thousand Spares Parts

On an average 30 thousand spares parts are used in the manufacture of a car.

5. 19 Girls in a car

In an event in Pakistan, 19 girls together set a world record by sitting in a smart car. It was For the first time when so many girls were sitting in a car together.

6. Car crash

Car Facts

Research has determined that around 40 percent of drivers worldwide do not use brakes during an accident.

7. Cruise control

You’d be surprised to know that, the engineer who invented the most famous technical cruise control in cars was actually blind.

8. Punishable crime

In Russia, driving a dirty car on the road is a punishable offense.

9. Fastest car

Let me tell you that, at this time, the world’s fastest speed car is the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which has a speed of 431 kilometers per hour.

10. First car accident

The first car accident in the world occurred in 1891 at a place called Ohia.

11. Horn playing a crime

In New York, playing a horn on the street without reason is a crime, you can only play a horn in an emergency here.

12. Car more than humans

Los Angeles has more cars than humans.

13. Parking

About 95 percent of the life of any car is spent in the parking of the garage.

14. 120-liter petrol free

You will be surprised to know that, while the world has been hit by petrol, in Turkmenistan car drivers are given 120 liters of petrol per month for free.

15. Earth to Moon

If you travel by car from the Earth to the Moon at a speed of 95 kilometers per hour, you will take about 6 months.

16. First-time car radio

When the car radio was first invented, there were many countries where it was banned. because they believed it could distract the attention of the driver.

17. Henry ford

In 1941, Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, built a plastic car. Which was named Soybean Car.

18. Car without Airbag

Car Facts air bag

In developed countries, the car cannot be launched without an airbag inside.

19. Opening of Airbag

Most car airbags open in 0.120 seconds after the accident. The opening of the airbag also depends on the design of the car and the airbag.

20. Yellow and White Color car

White and Yellow color cars are less likely to have an accident. Black colored cars are most likely to have an accident.

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