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[BEST] 37 Interesting Facts about Argentina



Most people don’t know much about Argentina that is a country in South America, so today I will tell you some interesting facts about Argentina that you probably do not know.

List of Interesting Facts about Argentina

1. Argentina is the second-largest country in South America after Brazil.

2. Football craze is very high in Argentina, They considered Lionel Messi as a hero and keep their children’s name on his name, that was the reason the government had to compel the ban on this name.

3. Argentina is considered to be the third richest country in South America. The reason for this is that most of the people working in Argentina are very trained and the amount of educated people in this country is about 99 percent.

Interesting Facts about Argentina

4. Argentina is South America’s second-largest economy and its economic growth is around 6 to 7 percent annually.

5. About 20 percent of Argentina’s income comes from the manufacturing sector, but one thing might surprise you that most of these things are made in Argentina’s village. However, the amount of people living in the village here is only 8 percent of the total population.

6. Argentina is considered to be very good in science and technology. For example, Argentina is the world’s first country to invent fingerprints.

7. The world’s first daily radio was broadcast from Argentina.

8. So far Argentina has received 3 Nobel Prizes in science and technology.

9. Argentina’s rail system is the largest of all Latin America.

10. Argentina was able to make nuclear weapons in the 1980s itself but Argentina believes in peace, so no weapons have been made here till date.

11. Argentina is known throughout the world for its cultural attractions and Latin dance of Argentina considered to be very attractive.

Latin dance of Argentina Interesting Facts about Argentina

12. The total population of Argentina is around 4.43 million, and almost all of them talk in Spanish.

13. Argentina’s largest religion is Christian, which is around 80 percent of the total population.

14. Argentina is a country in South America where most Muslims and Jewish people live.

15. Most Argentine people are considered very modern and friendly.

16. The currency of Argentina is the Argentine peso.

17. There was a terrible battle in Argentina in the 1970s, in which more than 30 thousand people died by the military, and this war was called the Dirty War.

18. Because of political reasons in 2001, 5 presidents were elected in 10 days in Argentina.

19. Argentina is the world’s most important food product and food exporter country.

20. Argentina is an important country in the world in terms of production and export of meat, leather, and wool.

21. The world’s first animated film is composed of Argentine citizens. In 1917, Quirino Cristiani composed the film “El Apostol”. Duration of the film was 70 minutes, with a total of 58,000 frames.

22. Argentina has been divided into seven different areas. These areas include Northwest, Kuo, Pampas, Patagonia, Mesopotamia, Gran Chaco, and Cirrus Pumpanas.

23. The national game of Argentina is Pato, which is played on horseback. While the most famous sport is football here.

Interesting Facts about Argentina

24. Argentina comes in second place, in the world for eating cows meat per person, only Hong Kong is above it.

25. Many people in Argentina use public transport instead of driving their own cars.

26. Since Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere, its climate is completely contrary to the climate located in the Northern Hemisphere.

27. A part of the Andes Mountains range is located in Argentina. The Andes Mountains are great tourist attractions.

28. The earliest known dinosaur species was identified by both Argentina and Brazil. For this reason, many paleontologists travel to Argentina to find more clues about this rare dinosaur and others.

29. The primary language of Argentina is Spanish.

30. This country is known to win most international polo championships in the world.

31. Argentina maintains a record for both the highest and lowest temperatures on the continent. In 1920, the record reached 120.4 degrees high, while in 1907 it was seen at the lower level of -27 degrees.

32. Friends Day is celebrated on July 20 in Argentina.

33. The world’s earliest plants were found in Argentina.

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34. Argentina was under Spain for many years, but the people of Argentina did not like this slavery. They started the fight against Spain for their independence from 1810 and consequently 9 July 1816 announced the independence of Argentina.

35. The reason behind the Spanish Empire to occupied Argentinean area was the gold and silver mines discovered in Peru and Bolivia. To rob this money, the Spanish Empire took Argentina in its jurisdiction in 1776.

36. The Argentine flag consists of three main colors, two blue strips surround the white color, in the middle of the white strip, there is a yellow sun.

Interesting Facts about Argentina flag

37. Free education is offered in public schools of Argentina but students studying in these schools have to buy books and education-related products themselves.

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That’s it for now, I hope You Enjoyed Reading this post interesting facts about Argentina.