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[TOP] 33 Interesting Facts About France



interesting facts about france

France is one of the most powerful countries in this world. France is one of the Five members of The United Nations. According to the area, France is the 42nd country in the world and according to population, France is the 22nd country in the world. The population of France is around 6.7 crores. They are some basic Facts about France that almost everybody knows but in this post, we are going to tell you some surprising and interesting facts about France.

Let’s see some of the interesting facts about France.

1. The area of France is 643,801 square kilometer.

2. April fool Day was started in France in 1564.

3. France was the first country to accept the SI unit like kilometer liter and kilogram etc.

4. To marry a dead person in France is valid.

5. There is one market in every city of France called Victor Hugo.

6. A pig can’t be named as napoleon in France. It’s illegal.

7. Kissing at a railway station is not allowed in France.

8. France is the most traveled country in the world. Every year around 7.5 crores tourist travel to France and you know one interesting fact? the population of France is less than this.

9. France has won the highest Nobel Prize in the literacy field.

10. France was the first country to declare Human Rights in 1789.

11. After America, Russia, and England France is the fourth country to do a nuclear test.

12. Taking photos of a police officer and police vans are illegal in France.

13. According to a survey, 44% of people in France are Atheist.

14. Around 70 lakh people in France are handicapped, it means every 1 out of 10 people is a handicap.

15. Till 1964 Women were not allowed to open a bank account and have a passport in France before taking permission from her husband.

16. Decorating the Christmas tree was started from France in the 16th century.

france christmas tree interesting facts about france

17. Property tax in France is the highest compared to any other European country.

18. France has been producing alcohol for the last 2000 years.

19. Wasting food in this country is not allowed but you can donate it to the helpless people.

20. The number of depressed people is highest in France.

21. France hosted and won the FIFA World Cup 1998.

22. First digital watch, parachute, and butter were invented in France.

23. Around 13,00000 Soldier and civilians of France were killed in the first world war and many were injured.

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24. Once Louis XIX was declared a king of France for just 20 minutes.

25. The GDP of France is 2.6 trillion dollars That’s 10th biggest GDP in the world.

26. France is a rich country and per capita income of France is $37,000.

27. France Louvre Museum is the most visited museum in the world.

France Louvre Museum interesting facts about france

28. France is the third largest coal-producing country in the world.

29. World’s first scientist conference (1789) held in France.

30. After India France film industry is in 2nd place.

31. France’s Eiffel Tower was named on its designer Gustave Eiffel, which was built in 1889 for the world exhibition.

Eiffel Tower interesting facts about france

32. About 4,700 varieties of cottage cheese are made in France.

33. France was the first country to get success in heart transplant.

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How many Interesting facts about France did you know before? Do you know any other interesting facts about France? Share your facts and thoughts in the comments section, Thanks.

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