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25 Interesting Facts about Italy



Today I am going to tell you some interesting facts about Italy that you probably do not know.

List of interesting facts about Italy

  • Friends Italy is a developed country of Europe located in the east of Europe, but this country is divided into a total of 20 parts and each part has a different way of speaking and living style.
  • Historically, Italy is considered a very important country and there are more than 50 UNESCO World Heritage sites in this country.
  • The capital of Italy is Rome which was built in 753 BC and the city is about 2.5 thousand years old.
  • Rome was not only the capital of present-day Italy but also the capital of almost 2000 years old Roman civilization.
  • The Colosseum located in Rome is one of the seven wonders of the world, for which millions of tourists come here every year.
  • If anyone wanted to commit suicide in ancient Rome, before that he had to apply to the Senate and after approving this application, he was given all the material to commit suicide.
  • In ancient Rome, coins were thrown underwater to please the water god and this trend is still seen in Italy where more than 3000 euros of the coin is thrown in water every day.
  • After the fall of the Roman Empire, Rome was considered the center of Christianity, which was later made Vatican City and the people who believed it was called Roman Catholics.
  • The tunnel located in Italy is the largest tunnel in the world, which is made by cutting the mountains and it is 57 kilometers long that connects Italy to Switzerland.
  • Most people in Italy work less than 4 hours a day.

Interesting Facts about Italy 11 – 20

Interesting Facts about Italy
  • During the Second World War, 20 percent of Jews living in Italy were killed.
  • Italy is a very rich and developed country in Europe and its economy is ranked third in Europe and eighth in the world.
  • Italy’s name comes in the best 10 countries in the world in terms of living, but in this country, a lot of influence of the mafia is seen, who take money from people in the name of protection fees.
  • The total population of Italy is around six crores and in terms of population, it comes at number five in Europe.
  • Most people in Italy speak Italian.
  • According to research conducted in 2012, more than 83 percent of the people here follow Christianity and Islam is the second major religion here which is 3.7 percent of the total population.
  • Italy is famous worldwide for its fashion.
  • The highest point in Europe is in Italy. Monte Bianco (white mountain) is 15,771 feet high and is also part of the Alps.
  • You may find this strange but it is true that about 5,00,000 Italian people visit one or more exorcism every year.
  • Italy is the largest wine-producing country in the world.

Interesting Facts about Italy 21 – 25

Interesting Facts about Italy
  • An Italian man gave his $13 million dollar property to his cat.
  • Soccer is Italy’s most favorite sport. Not only this, but Italy has also won the World Cup 4 times.
  • In Italy, if a man comes out wearing a skirt, he will be arrested.
  • A restaurant in Italy is built in a cave. This is a very popular restaurant.
  • Opera music started in Italy.

I hope these interesting facts about Italy will inspire you to visit this beautiful country but before going to Italy learn some important words of Italian language so you can talk to the locals and enjoy your trip.

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