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Interesting Facts about Japan



Interesting facts about japan

Despite Japan being a very developed country, a lot of things here are very surprising for people, so today I am going to tell you some interesting facts about Japan which you may find quite exciting.

List of Interesting Facts about Japan

  • Friends, in many areas of Japan, people with tattoos are not allowed to enter because people believe that people with so many tattoos are associated with some organization.
  • Sleeping while working in the office in Japan is considered a good sign there because people here believe that it is a sign of hard work.
  • On average, Japan’s train is delayed for only 18 seconds, if a Japanese citizen dies by jumping on the railway track, then the government here takes a good fine from the family of the deceased.
  • Even today there are about 50 thousand people in Japan whose age is more than about 100 years.
  • If you give a tip to any waiter in Japan, it can make them very angry because it is considered bad in Japan.
  • The rate of children born in Japan is very less. Even the amount of pets here is much more than the children here.
  • Nearly 90 percent of Japanese people adopt a person between the ages of 20 and 30 while adopting anyone.
  • Most people in Japan prefer one forest to commit suicide and every year there are more than 100 suicides in this forest.
  • A Japanese highway is built through the inside of a building due to lack of space
  • The people of Japan use 20 different methods to apologize to each other.

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Interesting Facts about Japan

  • Japan is made up of a total of 6800 islands.
  • Japan is a very developed country and Japan’s economy comes third in the world.
  • It is surprising that during World War II, Japan was completely destroyed, but due to the hard work of the people of Japan, Japan again reached its goal.
  • If anyone makes a mistake in Japan, there has been a rule of shaving the head as a punishment.
  • Japan is a country where there is a square-shaped watermelon.
  • People of Japan like to eat horse meat.
  • 70 percent part of Japan is mountainous and more than 100 active volcanoes are found here.
  • There are many routes in Japan that have no name.
  • The people of Japan stop the car at the signal to prevent pollution.
  • It is very strange that 80-85% of mobile phones in Japan are waterproof. Now you will think why does this happen? This is because people from there use mobile phones even when they are in the bathroom.
  • Sumo is Japan’s most popular sport.
  • In Tokyo, about 140,000 people died due to the earthquake in 1923.
  • In 2011, due to the earthquake in Japan, the Earth’s rotation speed increased by 1.8 microseconds.
  • 20% of the books printed in Japan are “Comics Books”.
  • Children do not have to give any tests until they are 10 years old in Japan.

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