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[BEST] 18 Interesting Luxembourg Facts



Most people consider Luxembourg and Liechtenstein the same country, but both countries are different countries in Europe. Liechtenstein is Europe’s second richest country, while Luxembourg is Europe’s first and the world’s second-richest country. So today I will tell you some Interesting Luxembourg Facts that you probably do not know.

List of Interesting Luxembourg Facts

1. Luxembourg is a small country in Europe, between Germany and France, which is also called the heart of Europe. It is a very beautiful country in Europe.

2. This is a small country where the total population is around 6 lakh, so most of the people working here are people coming out of the country.

3. People from all over 170 countries live in this small country. Most people in the country living here come out of the country.

4. French and German have had a great influence on the culture and tradition of this country, and because of the high volume of foreign people in this country, there is a considerable influence of external culture on their culture, hence the country is also called the cultural capital of Europe.

5. After the second world war, this country has played a significant role in connecting Europe’s countries with each other, so despite having a small country, it has played an important role in the formation of the European Union and the United Nations.

Interesting Luxembourg Facts

6. Luxembourg is the second richest country in the world after Qatar.

7. Due to the low charge of taxation, the headquarters of large companies like PayPal and Amazon are located in this country.

8. There are more than 150 banks in this country and the currency of Luxembourg is Euro.

9. The amount of unemployed people in this country is the lowest in Europe.

10. The salary of people working in this country is much higher than in other countries in the world.

11. Luxembourg is considered one of the safest countries in the world, so there are only 1300 police staff and two jails in this country.

12. According to the EU’s agreement, any European citizen can easily go to this country without a visa and passport.

13. Luxembourg is a secular country and when a survey was conducted here, about 28 percent of the people living there said that they do not believe in God.

14. The biggest religion of this country is Christian and the second big religion is Islam.

15. During the second world war, an underground tunnel of 17 km was built here, in which about 35 thousand people could live easily.

underground tunnel  Interesting Luxembourg Facts

16. In Luxemburg, you may test more than 2500 types of liquor.

17. Luxemburg is a very rich country and here you could get a good monthly salary for a small job.

18. The number of cars per person in this country is the highest in the whole world because there are 700 cars per 1000 people.

Source – Luxembourg – Wikipedia

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