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Billy Owen: Lost Eye due to Cancer, Now Plays Zombie’s role in Films




You must have heard the name of zombies and have also seen many Hollywood films. Today we are going to tell about a person who looks similar to Zombi. Billy Owen of Oklahoma City, USA, puts a finger in his mouth and takes it out of his eye. In fact, he has been a cancer supervisor and had to sacrifice his one eye while battling cancer. If they did not do so, they could have died instead.

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Billy Owen Hit by cancer in 2009

Billy Owen was a motor mechanic. He was living happily with his family, but in 2009 he was caught by nasal cancer. Billy says that he had a severe headache during this time and that the right-side nozzle had stopped working. He initially thought that it was a simple disease like sinus, but when he started getting swelling in the nostril, he got a checkup done by the specialist at the behest of his wife.

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Finally, beat cancer

Billy Owen

After the checkup, the doctor tells Billy that he has nasal cancer. At the same time, he was given only 10 percent chances of survival of his life. By this time, cancer had spread horribly in his face. For this reason, his right eye with half his face removed. Apart from this, they had no other way. Life had become very difficult for him after his one eye and sniffing power was low, but he overcomes many obstacles that he faced and defeated cancer.

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Now Billy Owen plays the role of the zombies

Billy had to quit his job due to cancer and it took a long time to return to normal life. He explains that this time was a difficult time for him and his family, but he was sure that everything would be alright with time. Presently, he is happily spending his life with his family and now plays the role of zombies in films.

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