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Veronica Seider: A Supergirl With Super Power



Veronica Seider

Veronica Seider is a Super Human with a Super Power. Veronica Seider has super eye power, she can distinguish people for miles with her naked eyes.

History of Veronica Seider

Veronica Seider was born in West Germany in 1951. She completed her school education like a normal child and for higher education, she enrolled at Stuttgart University in West Germany.

Veronica Seider

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In the University people got to know that, she is not a normal human, She has a superpower to see for miles and distinguish people with the naked eyes.

People claim that Veronica Seider can see one mile and distinguish people (Around 1.6 KM) with her naked eyes.

Super Power’s of Veronica Seider

Her SuperPower is Unbelievable, It looks like a filmy story.

She can see things and distinguish them from up to 1.6 KM. She can also tell the distance of any person after seeing him or her within 1.6 KM.

One mile or 1.6 KM or 5280 is very far distance for normal eyes. People compare Veronica’s eyes with a telescope.

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What Does Veronica do?

Despite having Super Power, Veronica Seider works as a dentist in west Germany. She did not want people to talk and know about her superpower. So she wants to live secretly.

The lesson to learn from Veronica

  • The human Body is Amazing and we don’t know so many secrets of our body. Superman or women are not always as dramatic as we show in movies, sometimes we can see a real superhuman like Veronic.
  • We should search for superhuman like Veronica, by doing this we can know so many secret and hidden power of our body that will help us in the near future.

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Can you Learn the Super Power?

Don’t think that you can learn the superpower, its God-gifted. If we take an example of Veronica Seider then you can not learn how to saw miles with naked eyes.

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